What Does Migraine Aura Look Like?

By | January 9, 2017
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What Does Migraine Aura Look LikeThose people who experience a very bright spot in front of their both eyes and disturbances in other sensory perceptions when they are having a migraine suffer from a condition known as “migraine with aura”. Though there can be frequent migraines, aura is not present always and even if present it disappears in a matter of not more than an hour. Let us have a look at some basics of this ailment before we answer the question: What does migraine aura look like?

Causes and Symptoms

It is not known precisely what causes a migraine with aura though there are some triggers which might initiate this ailment; the triggers include lack of sleep, stress/anxiety, prolonged exposure to very bright light, and very loud noise.

People suffering from migraines with aura often see stars, spheres of bright light, or wavy/zigzag lines of light in front of their eyes. It may also cause distorted vision in some cases. This ailment affects both the eyes simultaneously as opposed to only one eye for a retinal migraine. Moreover, unlike most people think, the aura is a broader phenomenon that affects senses other than the eyes too. For instance, other symptoms include hearing hallucinating sounds, disorder in the touch sensation, smelling hallucinating odors, and effects on other sensory perceptions.

Effects and Treatment

This malady is mainly an indicator of an upcoming migraine which might start in a while after the aura is experienced. It directly obscures the field of vision causing problems in seeing clearly, reading, driving, and other activities where eyes are used as a primary sense perception. It may also blur the vision partially or produces blurred spots at certain places in the field of vision. Other effects include smelling things that are not present or enhanced olfactory sense, increase or decrease in the intensity of touch perception, and similar disturbances in other senses.

Migraines with aura are known to disappear in about 30 minutes to an hour. It is recommended to avoid bright light and public places, and also get rest in a silent room with dim lights.

What does migraine aura look like?

The following descriptions provide an outline of visual perceptions that are experienced by the patient:

Bright light spots

Bright light of zigzag/wavy lines

A bright tunnel which seems to be spiraling down

Blurry spots in the field of vision

Random bright lights of different shapes

In conclusion, when you have any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor. He will make the diagnosis and recommend your next steps.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Migraine Aura Look Like?

  1. Jake Powell

    I have personally suffered from a few migraines in my time and they aren’t pleasant at all. Completely agree that they can come from anxiety and also a lack of sleep as i’ve struggled with both these aspects. Sometimes it’s just nice to see clarification to what you thought was causing it. Thanks!

    1. Ilias Post author

      Hi Jake,

      If you do not know what causes your migraine, start keeping a migraine diary could be a nice idea. It has helped many of our readers to figure out some of their triggers.


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