The Best Essential Oils for Migraines

By | October 20, 2016
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Best essential oils for migraines

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A migraine headache can be some of the worst pain you will experience, and not all migraine treatments are created equal. Maybe you’ve found that a conventional migraine headache treatments don’t seem to work, you have an aversion to prescribed medications and their side effects, or you need something to alleviate the pain until your medication starts working. There are some best essential oils for migraines you can use to help alleviate the pain and get back to the normal routine of life. These are just a few options for natural migraine treatment.

Best essential oils for migraines

Essential oil of Ovvio and aromatherapy offer a great deal of comfort for migraine sufferers.

If the pain is intense and unbearable, Ovvio Oils Ease Headache and Migraine Relief Essential Oil, 15 ml from Ovvio Oils could be one of the effective options. It is said that it works quickly and reduces the pain instantly.

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Aromatherapy is said to be effective in treating the condition. Put five to ten drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil in a cup of warm water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture for a while. Then wring it out and place the cloth on the head or the back of the neck for relief.

Use a carrier oil like Almond oil and add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to it. Massage the forehead, temples and back of the neck with this mixture.

Ginger juice is effective in stopping migraine very quickly. For best results, the juice must be taken within the first few minutes of the beginning of the pain. A juice made from the fresh ginger root, carrots and apples can be very effective.

Eating 3 to 4 leaves of the Feverfew herb is effective in preventing the pain before it starts. The herb is quite bitter, but it can be mixed with food to make it more palatable.

Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy which involves taking contrasting showers works as a good preemptive measure for a migraine.

The most familiar herbal fragrances of all, lavender, naturally soothes the mind and body.

If you wake up with headaches or suffer from migraines, the sweet aroma of lavender is a safe, natural way to relax muscle tension and ease migraine pain. Because depression is often associated with chronic pain and headaches, lavender’s natural ability to lift mild depression makes this essential oil valuable to your mental as well as physical health.

Lavender as an alternative herbal remedy

Lavender FlowerLavender can be used for headaches, migraines and sore muscle relief, eases joint stiffness and helps us cope with chronic pain. Interestingly enough, has antiseptic qualities and even repels insects naturally.

Lavender is one of the only two essential oils that can be used directly on the skin with no dilution!

Simply apply a few drops of essential lavender oil to your temples when you start to feel the tension in your head, neck or shoulders. A migraine may experience an aura that signals a migraine. Essential oil of lavender may not prevent the actual onset of a migraine but it can help you relax your muscles and emotional tension that could trigger the migraine pain.

Lavender and easing migraine pain

A lavender eye pillow is recommended for the relaxing, soothing aromatherapy qualities of the lavender. Lavender promotes relaxation and more restorative sleep. Studies in hospitals and nursing homes found that patients exposed to the scent of lavender fell asleep faster, deeper and longer.

Flax seed mixed with the lavender help the eye pillow to rest across the brow, eyes, cheekbones and temples with a gentle weight that blocks out light while applying pressure to ease the headache pain. Flax seed is reducing inflammation and helps reduce puffiness around the eyes.

A lavender eye pillow with flax seed can be warmed for tension headaches or chilled for a migraine headache. Rather than fall asleep in the throes of a migraine, start to relax by laying in cool, quiet darkness with a few drops of essential oil of lavender on your pillow case and an eye pillow in place. The cool pressure of the eye pillow mixed with relaxing properties of lavender could help bring on both migraine relief and restorative sleep.

Lavender and workplace stress

The use of lavender in the workplace may help you handle workplace stress, relax under pressure and focus better.

Lavender is one of the essential oils tested in studies which showed that the participants relaxed with lavender aromatherapy and were more focused to solve problems and although slower with math computations, fewer errors were noted.

A sprig of lavender, a bowl of potpourri or essential oil drops of lavender applied near warmth will help you relax, focus and be more productive in the workplace. If you work in a hectic environment that doesn’t give you an office, then a lavender body mist or small vial of lavender’s essential oil that you can keep in your pocket may just do the trick!

Lavender and depression

Lavender is not a cure or treatment for depression, BUT we have discovered that pain, poor sleep, anxiety and chronic pain are associated with depression.

Brings a natural, relaxed state that helps us cope better with life’s aggravations. Studies have shown that in healthy non-depressed individuals, the aroma of lavender does have the ability to elevate our moods gently.

Whether you are currently suffering from depression or simply feeling down, remember that your physician is the best person to discuss treatment medical for depression.

Taking herbal tea baths and burning lavender candles are a part of taking care of ourselves that does not require a prescription or cost a great deal of money. Lavender infused bath and body products provide a natural stress reducer that can lift mild depression and clear our minds so we can work through problems more effectively.

Lavender and insomnia

Restorative sleep is a must for everyone. Struggling with insomnia or frequent waking during the night does nothing but aggravate us the next day!

The scent of lavender promotes relaxation and helps you sleep better overall. Studies in hospitals and nursing homes found that patients exposed to the scent of lavender fell asleep faster, deeper and longer.

Poor sleep is one known cause of morning headaches and can trigger migraine headaches. Grinding your teeth, muscle tension, especially in the face and neck, are common causes of morning headaches. Keeping a small bowl of lavender in your bedroom and light misting of bed linens will help you relax before you fall asleep.

Lavender and anxiety

Generalised anxiety disorder is an increasing problem for millions of Americans. Anxiety and depression plague us as we struggle to cope with life’s challenges. It’s commonly known that anxiety expresses itself with racing thoughts and a pounding heartbeat. One of the first signs of anxiety is the inability to think clearly. Mental stress that leads to anxiety will make our minds cloudy, and solving life’s problems becomes a mountain of anxiety.

Possible causes, triggers of headaches and chronic pain:

  • poor sleep
  • muscle tension
  • depression
  • inadequate hydration and nutrition
  • hormone imbalance
  • immune dysfunction
  • poor coping skills


The scent of lavender has a tendency to slow down our minds and bodies. We relax. Our brain responds positively to lavender. We are soothed.

Infuse lavender in your life to ease migraine headaches, depression, insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain naturally!

Best essential oils for migraines for migraines are a much better alternative to drugs and medication as the latter tend to produce some unpleasant side effects. Having to deal with migraines is bad enough. Getting an additional symptom or side effect could be even worse. Many people, therefore, prefer to use best essential oils for migraines for migraines instead of relying on prescription drugs. Check Out How To Eliminate Your Migraines Naturally.


4 thoughts on “The Best Essential Oils for Migraines

  1. Barb

    I found this information useful. I do suffer from migraines. I don’t get them as much as I used to but I have been getting them since I was a child. As it happens, in the last year I have been going through some really rough stuff healthwise and I have found myself seeking alternative treatments to what one would normally pick (prescriptions etc.). Of my research, essential oils was one of those topics and I really believe this kind of thing works. I didn’t even know they could help with migraines. At my current age I am concerned about what I put into my body, where I never used to. Thank you so much, I learned something important today!

    1. Ilias Post author

      So glad you liked my article, you can also relieve your migraines with yoga, massage to your head and ice packs. Prevention is important too, avoid coffee and alcohol, don’t skip meals and keep a migraine diary.

  2. Nadine


    I find this article very useful. I haven’t heard before that essential oils can help with the migrane. It sounds good to me because when I have some health problem I am always looking first for some kind of natural healing instead of taking medicaments. So thank you for this article I will show it to a friend of mine who has this problem.


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