Effective Acupressure Points For Migraine Relief

By | May 16, 2017
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woman with migraine painMigraine sufferers know how the pain of migraine differs from the normal/common headache. Common headache is a relatively less painful condition and it lasts for a while. Whereas, migraine is a much more serious and strong headache which can last for even some days. Headache and migraine can be referred as two different but common head pains. Headaches can also be throbbing like migraine but you can call it as a milder form of head pain.

On analyzing the difference between the causes of headaches and migraines, we can see that the common headaches are a result of tension, stress and even changes in hormones. But, migraine can be caused due to a lot of additional factors. These factors can be complicated for example, migraine can be a result of enlargement of blood vessels of the brain. This leads to secretion of some chemicals from the nerve fibers which results in swelling and inflammation, and then consequently the severe pain which we call as “migraine”.

Acupressure Points for Migraine Treatment

Although there are many prescriptions and medications suggested by doctors around the world, for the treatment of migraines but all of them come with some side effects. Therefore, one way of treating migraine is through the use of acupressure points on our body. This uses the simple aspects of reflexology and nervous system, thus coming with a lot of benefits when it comes to treating pains.

According to a research, vast majority of pains in our body above the neck are due to tension in our muscles. They can also be caused due to severe vascular imbalance which means that all these pains can be treated through the techniques of acupressure and reflexology. All of you have to do is to massage these acupressure points and apply some pressure in this area, and you will feel much relieved. Magical, isn’t it? The best thing is that these points are easily accessible in our body and can be activated through the application of little pressure with our fingertips.

Important Acupressure Regions to Relieve Migraine

To get rid of migraine, you can easily apply pressure in following specific regions of the body. This will not only help you out in clearing the blocked meridians and vessels but will also enhance the release of natural painkillers of the body, called endorphins.


Forehead is the focal region for clearing out the pains as it contains a lot of points which are full of energy. It generates energy from the head region and the energy from here flows downward to rest of the body.

Third Eye Point

It is a unique region called so because it is placed between your two eyebrows. It is exactly located at the point where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. You can apply pressure on this unique region which will help you in improving your focus. Moreover, besides improving your concentration, applying pressure to this point can also help you get rid of eye strain and other kinds of headache apart from migraine. Applying pressure here has always been said to be linked with healing various ulcer pains. You just have to apply pressure here for around 60 seconds and you are good to go!Acupressure Points For Migraine Relief

Bright Light

This is a specific region situated in the inner corner of the eyes. This point is located right below the eyebrows. If you’re someone who frequently suffers from sinus headaches and allergy, then this point called Bright Light can do wonders for you! You can also improve your eyesight and vision by applying pressure here for 60 seconds on both sides every day.bright light


The temple region is also very important when it comes to relieving your migraine as it is a region where there is a long chain of acupressure points. These points start from the top of the ear, curl around the ear and end at the edge of the earlobe. These points are remarkable and give efficient results for migraine.

You can break these points down into 5 major points which are as below:

  1. Hairline Curve
  2. Valley Lead
  3. Celestial Hub
  4. Floating White
  5. Head Portal Yin

Hairline Curve is situated at the top of the ear, and rest of the points curl around the ear and end at the earlobe. You can easily apply pressure on these specific points which will heal your temporal migraine headache.


Neck contains remarkably effective acupressure points. One of them is Wind Pool.

Wind Pool

This acupressure point is situated right at the back of your head. It is located halfway between your ear and spine.  Wind Pool plays an important role in relieving migraine. In case you are suffering from nasal congestion or migraine, then wind pool can be the perfect solution for you!the wind pool


Face contains a lot of important acupressure points, some around the nose as well.

Welcome Fragrance

These are unique acupressure points which are located on both sides of the nostril. If you suffer from sinuses headache or migraine then applying pressure on these points will significantly help you out.Welcome Fragrance

Heaven’s Pillar

Heaven’s Pillar is a unique point which is located around two fingers beneath the skull base. It is known as a pillar because it starts near skull base and is situation on the rope like muscles present on sides of our spine. This place is especially helpful in treating various aches of head and neck.Heaven’s Pillar

Shoulder Well
Have you ever suffered from stiff shoulders or neck? Well, there is a unique point situated right at the edge of the Shoulder which can relieve your pains and reduce all kinds of neck and shoulder stiffness. This point is located halfway between the point of your shoulder and the base of your neck. It is also known to be effective to treat various spasms and even asthma.Shoulder Well

Therefore, we can see that acupressure points are particularly helpful in treating migraines. The medicines for migraine are surely not a permanent solution for migraine. The tricks of reflexology heal migraine fully as it works from inside the body, thus with time you can successfully get rid of your migraine.

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  1. Farhan

    This article is great. People don’t normally discuss about migraines and headaches very deeply, as both of these conditions are just accepted as minor symptoms. I didn’t know there was so much more to headaches, until I read this article.

    I also really like your whole section about effective acupressure points. More people should definitely try these techniques, instead of just relying on the usual painkillers.

    Very informative post!

    1. Ilias Post author

      Thanks Farhan, unfortunately many people suffer from migraine and headaches. On this website, we talk mostly about migraines but yes, some of the treatments that work for migraines can work for headache relief too.

      I hope to find this article helpful.


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