Migraine or a Cluster Headache?

Some people might tend to confuse Migraine with cluster headaches as both of them are equally painful. How does one know whether its migraine or a cluster headache? Well, both the conditions seem the same but they have different symptoms and they surely differ in the type of treatments required to cure them. There are… Read More »

Effective Acupressure Points For Migraine Relief

Migraine sufferers know how the pain of migraine differs from the normal/common headache. Common headache is a relatively less painful condition and it lasts for a while. Whereas, migraine is a much more serious and strong headache which can last for even some days. Headache and migraine can be referred as two different but common head… Read More »

How does Yoga help Migraines

Ever thought of trying out some yoga poses in order to get rid of your migraine? If not, then yoga can be a pretty efficient and effective therapy to heal your migraine headaches. Migraine can surely be caused due to a lot of factors including musculoskeletal tightness, anxiety, bad sleeping habits and stress. But one thing… Read More »

What Are Ocular Migraines?

Migraines are experienced by many people all around the world, but little do we know what causes these migraines and how to avoid them. If you suffer from migraine, then you might have come across the term “ocular migraine”. This term can actually be misleading because it is used for multiple situations. Depending on the… Read More »

Home Remedies to Treat Migraines – Yes, They Work

According to the World Health Organization, migraines are amongst the top 20 most disabling medical conditions throughout the world. This means that the throbbing pain could decrease your productivity at an alarming rate, leading to lesser work output for any period between four and 72 hours. With such a destabilizing issue at hand, it is… Read More »

A study of dopamine levels during cases of Migraines

A migraine is a type of a headache that can proceed for hours or even days. It is mostly accompanied by various small illnesses such as; feeling of nausea, tingling sensation on the arms and legs, blind spots and sometimes high sensitivity towards sound and light. Following a research study conducted by Michigan researchers at… Read More »

Can acupuncture relieve tension headaches?

Tension headaches can make life miserable. Usually, these headaches affect both sides of the scalp and the pain can be vice-like or tightening in quality. In general, tension headaches do not worsen with physical activity. What causes tension headaches is not known but are most likely linked to stress, anxiety, depression and poor posture. Tension… Read More »

Is there a drug to prevent migraines? I am fed up with my life!

Migraine headaches can be agonizing and very painful. While we have some drugs to abort acute attacks, most drugs used to prevent migraines do not always work. One drug, which has been shown to prevent migraines, is Topamax. Topamax is actually an anticonvulsant drug used to treat seizures in adults and children. However, it has also… Read More »

Does Botox help people with Migraine?

A few years ago the FDA officially approved Botox for use in migraine- and since then anyone who walks into the doctor’s office is being offered these injections. Unofficially, Botox has been used for the treatment of migraines (and many other medical disorders) for many years. The question is does Botox work for migraine? For… Read More »